SFNano 2024


3-5 December, 2024

The French Society for Nanomedicine (SFNano) is a non-profit organization, that aims to promote scientific collaborations and to build longlasting links in the field of Nanomedicine (Nanomaterials for Health). Based on a multidisciplinary program, SFNano annually invites physicians and researchers from the academic and private sectors to review and discuss the basic concepts of Nanomedicine and their clinical perspectives through oral presentations and posters.

After the 9th annual meeting in Montpellier which has gathered250 participants, SFNano will organize its 10th annual meeting from December 3 to 5th, 2024 in Toulouse.

Five sessions will be organized in 2024 with the followingcutting-edge topics: New approaches for nanomedicine: (1) Cancer; (2) Imaging, Diagnostics, Theranostics; (3) New approaches for nanomedicine: infectious and immune diseases, CNS, cardiovascular, vaccination, nucleic acids; (4) Translational studies from scale up to Clinical applications; (5) (Nano)Materials Chemistry: polymers, lipids, gels, peptides. Prestigious speakers have already confirmed their presence: Mike Mitchell, Cécilia Ménard-Moyon, Louis Buscail, Pierre Cordelier, Gregor Fuhrmann, Agata Exner, Karsten Haupt, Maria Concepción Serrano, Giuseppe Battaglia, Nguyen Thanh.

Do not miss the opportunity to meet Nanomedicine expertsand to share your research during this meeting. Please, save the date and take part in this exciting scientific meeting gathering the Nanomedicine community!

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Kind regards,

Nicolas TSAPIS​​​​

SFNano Head​​​​